AdBombing Launch

AdBombing Hits Miami’s Billboards in the Right Way

Who or more importantly what is AdBombing mean? 

AdBombing is a Miami based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting emerging street artists both locally and around the globe. We raise funds to purchase available advertising space and then donate that space to artists within the community to do with it as they see fit. We aim to give talented artists a city-wide stage to share their work, local communities easier access to the artists within their own city, and everyone a more beautiful environment in which to live and work.

Before we put display the art, we must raise the funds. Truly a for the community, by the community effort. 

You can help us achieve our shared goals by donating to our ad buying efforts and getting social with us. 100% of your donation will go to acquiring space for artists. We will be announcing some exciting initiatives soon so make sure to stay in touch and help spread the word!

All are invited to join the launch party on July 17th at Bardot with doors opening at 10 PM. We hope to see you there!